Home Ownership Resources

 Please check out these valuable resources for Home Buyers!

  1. ALTA – Homebuyer Outreach Program - http://www.alta.org/homebuyer/
  2. Homeclosing101.org - http://www.homeclosing101.org/
  3. The Closing Process - http://www.homeclosing101.org/the-closing-process/
  4. Protect Your Property Rights - http://www.homeclosing101.org/protect-your-property-rights/
  5. News and Advice: http://www.homeclosing101.org/news-and-advice/blog/
  6. Home Ownership Guides: https://www.moneygeek.com/mortgage/resources/first-time-buyers-guide/


      For more information, contact your local Tennessee Land Title Agent