Product Description

We are proud to announce that 2017 PRINCIPLES OF TITLE INSURANCE - TENNESSEE is now available for purchase.  This publication is being offered by the Tennessee Land Title Association and will be a great resource for title insurance professionals dealing with transactions in Tennessee. 

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Please select the appropriate option when purchasing the book.  The prices shown include the cost of the book ($199 TNLTA Members/$299 Non-members) plus shipping/handling and sales tax.

Books ordered on-line should be delivered within 10 days of ordering.  Please use the correct shipping address when completing the registration screen.

Books sold to out of state purchasers are not subject to Tennessee sales tax.  


What’s New in the 2nd Edition?

Updated explanation of many substantive legal topics

  • “TennCare”, RESPA, changes for Probate taxes, and new cases and statutes

Revisions and expansion of key procedural areas

  • Search and Examination, Completion of Commitments and Policies, new ALTA/NSPS Surveys

New sections on “Handling Church Transactions”, “GLBA”, “Dodd Frank”, “RICO”, “Endorsement Basics”

New ALTA Policy Forms and identification of “decertified” forms

  • 2 new Short Form Policies (which one of the 2 should never be used in Tennessee)
  • 2 new Expanded Coverage Policies (and which endorsement options should never be selected)
  • The 2016 Commitment (and why you should always use it)
  • The 2015 Short Form Commitment (and when to never use it)
  • Changes in the 2015 Notice and Waiver

New - Use of QR Codes and links to access hundreds of additional pages of helpful material

New – Key Word/Phrase Index - over 20+ pages of key words and phrases to easily access relevant topics