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 Welcome to TitlePAC Tennessee! 

What is TitlePAC?
The Land TitlePAC of Tennessee (TitlePAC) is a qualified state political organization. TitlePAC contributes to the election campaigns of candidates who understand issues of importance to title professionals and the title/closing profession, whether Democrat or Republican.

I already pay my TLTA association dues. Why should I pay more?
Under state law, dues cannot be used for political contributions. These funds must be raised independently.

Why should I support TitlePAC?
TitlePAC enables the TLTA to have a voice in issues affecting the title profession. A strong PAC demonstrates that TLTA members speak with a united voice. Decisions about every aspect of the land title industry are made by elected officials. By contributing to TitlePAC, you are helping to educate and inform elected officials about the industry. TLTA works to help defeat adverse legislation, while supporting pro-active initiatives which address problems facing the industry. TitlePAC plays a major role in these efforts.

Your contribution to TitlePAC is an investment in your business and your profession. Make a commitment today to help insure a strong future for the industry by supporting your PAC.

Important Notice about Voluntary Contributions to the Land TitlePAC of Tennessee. TLTA member contributions to the Land Title Political Action Committee (PAC) of Tennessee are voluntary. The TLTA will not look upon any member with favor, or disfavor, because of the amount of the contribution or a decision to make no contribution.

The PAC accepts contributions from members made by check. Contributions may be made by individuals, partnerships, LLC's, PLC's and corporations (effective 2011). Contributions to the Land Title PAC of Tennessee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. State law requires the PAC to report the name and mailing address of all contributors.


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