Hacker’s Toolbox and Mending Broken Titles- Knoxville

Hacker’s Toolbox and

Mending Broken Titles

TNLTA Land Title School

September 9- Knoxville
September 10- Chattanooga
September 11- Nashville
Applied for:  3 hours General CLE
Applied for:  3 hours General CE





A Hacker’s Toolbox -Cyber-attacks begin with a hacker gaining unauthorized access into a network or e-mail system. Preventing unauthorized access requires a behind the scenes understanding of how hackers operate. This course will demonstrate a variety of software and hardware tools that ingenious hackers use to trick you or your staff. We will discuss common hacking techniques like cybersquatting, employment of homoglyph spoofing, unicodes, tabnapping, and even their malicious use of Outlook’s Rules Wizard. We will also review off the shelf, retail hardware devices that can be easily configured to steal your passwords or create backdoors into your network in as little as 30 seconds. Then, once they have gained access, we will discuss the process the hackers go through to hide their network presence and make future password changes worthless.

This session will contain videos and demonstrations covering a variety of hacker approaches that are focused on how to prey on weaknesses in your online presence. Do we invite a hack through our propensity to be too customer-friendly? Is or staff operating too efficiently?  Hackers use social engineering to cause you to let your guard down, and then pounce when they see even a minor crack in your defenses.  By gaining a better understanding of how a hacker thinks, you can begin to develop new defenses and implement effective staff training programs designed to thwart the hacker’s attacks.  

Mending Broken Titles: This session will introduce you to the title claims process, starting with the presentation of claims to the underwriter, the various manners by which underwriters will seek to resolve the claim, and what insureds can do if dissatisfied with the underwriter’s course of action (or lack thereof).  This presentation will also include a discussion of recoupment by underwriters against issuing agents.  These issues include the nature and scope of coverages, exceptions, and exclusions within ALTA owner and loan policies (and the sizable differences between the two); an overview of curative title litigation and out-of-court solutions; and litigating coverage disputes and bad faith claims.  This program will also include a survey of several title claims the speaker has handled over the year and discussions as to how those claims could have been avoided.



NOTE: For member attendees from the same office, second and subsequent registrants may attend at the discounted price of $50 per person. You must be a TNLTA member to take advantage of this discount, and register at the same time.