Round 2 – Even more stuff you need to know!!!!

TN Land Title School


Live 3-Hour Webinar

Wednesday, February 15, 2022

9:00 am- 12:00 pm CT

ROUND 2- Even More Stuff You Need to Know!!!!



  9-10 am – Justin Tanner- The New 2021 ALTA Forms:

They really did it! They changed those blasted forms!!!

ALTA has recently completed a comprehensive overhaul of its commitment, policies, and many of its endorsement forms. It is important for anyone who underwrites, prepares, reviews, or receives title insurance policies to become familiar with these updates now. This presentation will focus primarily on the recent revisions to the standard ALTA Owner and Loan Policy forms, and it will also include time to address the important changes to other newly revised commitment, policy, and endorsement forms, as well as your questions.


10-11 am – Ryan Martinez- Trends in a Downturn Market:

What do you mean by “everything is not going to be peachy”?

This presentation will cover trends in a downturn market with a focus on the impact on the real estate industry.  We will examine handling transactions involving foreclosures, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, bankruptcies, loan modifications, and sale-leaseback transactions, which may increase in 2023.  Additionally, the presentation will discuss potential red flags to watch for in certain transactions, including fraud and other predatory schemes that could be on the rise.  The presentation will also look at recent forecasts on the market to prepare for future changes later in the year and beyond.


11-12 pm – Luke Hays- 1031:

To swap, or not to swap – that is the question.

          This session will give you a strong foundation in 1031 exchanges as well as an in-depth look at 1031 rules, deadlines, and ID requirements.



Approved for 3 hours of General CLE 

Approved for 3 hours of General CE 

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