Membership shall be a matter of privilege rather than a matter of right.

(A) An applicant for membership as an ACTIVE or ASSOCIATE member, in addition to the requirements as described in the "Types of Membership”, shall file with this association a written application for membership in the class for which such application is eligible.

(1) Such application shall be accompanied by such application fee, if any, as may be established by the Board of Directors, and shall be accompanied by evidence satisfactory to the Board of Directors of the applicant’s qualifications for membership.

(2) The Executive Director shall promptly give written notice of such application to the members of the Association.

(3) Upon receipt of the application, the Executive Director shall refer such applications, together with all communications relating thereto, to the Membership Committee who shall investigate the qualifications of the applicant.

(4) If no written objection from an active member in good standing is received by the Executive Director within (20) days from the mailing of the notice of application for membership, the action of the Board with relation to such application shall be final.  If the Executive Director receives one or more written objections to the action of the Board on said application, the member(s) so objecting shall be given the opportunity to attend the Board meeting at which the application is to be considered to present such objections.  Thereafter, the Board shall take action with respect to the application, and the action of the Board shall be final.

(5) Nomination for the election of any person to HONORARY Membership may be made by an active member in good standing to the Board of Directors, which Board shall take action thereon as it deems proper, and present its recommendations to the active membership at its next annual meeting.  Election shall be by affirmative vote of a majority of active members present and voting.